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started in the autumn of 2006, we made our start with a large stand at the Young Family Fair in Utrecht. Our showpiece was the babybay bedside crib and what an enthusiastic response we received there! When we had  mainly an advisory role then, we now have grown to shop in our current format.

Until today our largest product group remains the cribs and bedside cribs, obviously much more extensive than in the beginning with different sizes, models and colors. The babybay we still represent gladly for the Dutch and Belgian markets. In addition, we now have our own all-in-one bed, which provides a place to sleep from birth to the end of infancy, and we are quite proud of it!

We can now give advice based on nearly 10 years of user experience and every day we have another day to learn more about our products again. Questions by telephone or email we always try to answer as soon and complete as possible We always say ourselves "we are a webshop XL" where XL stands for extra bit of service that we want to offer to our customers.

Also on this site we try to offer the fullest possible information, in order to prevent any ambiguities. Beside our terms and conditions (Certified Webshop), there is another page that provides information on ordering, shipping and payment. We also explain how we handle your privacy, but also how we value our copyright.

We offer a newsletter on an irregular basis and is sent when we find that we have to offer relevant information. For this newsletter you can sign up, you will find a sign-in link on our page for it.

We are happy to do this work every day again, being able to build a growing group of satisfied customers!

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