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With your little one in a bedside crib so close, as a recently given birth mother you will also have a good sleep. Get up at night for the baby is no longer needed. You can quietly recover for example from a Caesarean section and still get your baby with you when you want. Breastfeeding in your own bed.When your baby is ready for feeding... you’re already there. Your child is always safe close, to keep an eye on is no problem. No tinkering, but an appropriate solution for each bed, experience the convenience of a bedside crib!

The babybay bedside crib is the most innovative cot for newborns. The patented design and various models can be mounted on almost every bed very easily and is a peaceful and relaxing night's sleep possible. The babybay is also the most secure co-sleeper bed because it is attached to the parental bed and can be used with a closed locking gate.
We also offer the Teddy*B all-in-one bed. With this set you start as a crib or bedside crib and you can grow until your little one's nursery begins! This bedside crib is also securely attached to the parental bed, can be used as a small or normal crib and in the end you can transform it into a cot.

Babies need a lot of attention (day and night)  from the parents in the first months of their life. A baby at least the first 6 months in the parents' bedroom is advised. Then it is very pleasant, to have the baby right next to you.

The rise several times to comfort, cuddle or to feed can be very tiring even though the bed of the baby is in the same room as that of the parents. With a bedside crib you have the baby right next to you and make the nightly interruptions shorter. Also, they are less intense.
An additional advantage of a co-sleeper is, that mothers suffer from for example pelvic instability, recovering from a caesarean section or a difficult birth, now are able to provide their own right for their child and not (against the natural mother feeling) having to leave to another.

Daytime in childbirth, the baby can sleep comfortably next to the mother without the burden of the activities in the parental bed. At night it is possible to place the babybay closing gate so that, for example, blankets cannot unintentionally come on the little one and later on (with a few months) the baby cannot roll by accident in the family bed. Yet with a simple hand movement you can comfort or cuddle your child.

Once grown too large for the bedside crib you bring nothing to the attic of the babybay, but you will find that the co-sleeper also has still several options. Without additional components you can make a nice bench for the nursery, but with an extra conversion kit, you can also use the babybay as children's highchair and nowadays even transform it into a spacious cot!
With the Teddy*B all-in-one bed all parts to build a 120 x 60 cot are even included!

Assured of the highest quality
The babybay is tested by the LGA Bayern institute. The GS Quality Mark is obtained in 2004 after testing based on the standard EN 1130-1. In order to obtain the greatest possible security with the babybay is to make use of the locking gates. The exclusively use of tested textiles for our manufacturers is geranteed. All paints, fabrics, foam, textile, etc., used for our products are from Europe. Of course our products are regularly tested and verified. Any help pieces are chrome and nickel free. Our coatings comply with the standard EN 71-3. This standard is usually applied to children that is often taken. In hand or in the mouth Everything is tested under strict standardized methods.

Allocations babybay
Kids-go 2008
The magazine Kids-go babybay has the logo "Recommendation" and "Purchase tip" given after a large-scale customer survey.
Erziehen und Leben (Life and educate) 2008
Do you like the baby in your bed? It's just perfect for babies! The babybay the baby close to mom and dad. Therefore they feel the body heat and smell the familiar smell of the parents. Babybay is the solution!
Innovation Award 2007
The new babybay maxi - the Large - is super arrived at the Kind & Jugend fair in the field of innovation. The midwives are excited about babybay.
Innovation Award 2006
The further development of the babybay Original achieved great critical acclaim the final.
Ideas Wettbewerb 2002
The prototype of the babybay has achieved the 2nd place


The babybay and Teddy*B cot made of wood is a conscious choice. Wood is a valuable material. Solid construction and gentle processing result in furniture whose value grows with use. The processing of the wood is ecologically sound, and the user can be sure that the furniture and the materials used are harmless both in manufacturing as well as in daily use. Because long to use the product through the various options, the environment is not unnecessarily charged.

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