Rent a bedside crib

Sometimes hire purchase is preferable. That can be for many different reasons. Teddy*B likes also to provide these customers and therefore we have some cribs and the MIDI bedside cribs of babybay included in a rental range.

For a newborn it is nice to be near the mother, especially the first days. The adhesion is stimulated and the baby experiences a sense of security, allowing the development of a solid sleep pattern and a faster developing. If both the mother and the baby will feel at ease breastfeeding will also benefit here.

A solid bedside crib offers the most secure way to sleep together. Many children are still taken into the parental bed or stand in the travel cot beside the parental bed. Both is not without risks. By using a bedside crib your baby is close to you, but with more security.

The babybay MIDI crib is the angular model from the collection. We chose this because it has a standard crib size. By placing the closing gate, you have a co-sleeper and a standard crib at your disposal.

How long a child sleeps in a crib or bedside crib depends on several factors;
One mother is breastfeeding longer than the other and not all mothers like it to be near the the baby for a long time. But at least the first month a co-sleeper is indispensable. Certainly the first week or stall any recovery period of cesarean section. By borrowing from the maternity agency 4 extra bobbins, you do not have to adjust the co-sleeper after the postpartum period, but it is still at the right height when you remove the bobbins..

The rent range has available;
* Babybay MIDI bedside crib base frame (white or varnished)
* Babybay MIDI closing gate (white or varnished)
* Babybay MIDI bridgeset for wide bedrail (white or varnished)
* Babybay MIDI skyset in white (rod + dust)
* Babybay wheel set (standard or soft rollers)

A mattress for the rental crib always has to be purchased (because of the hygiene). However you decide directly that you want to rent the crib for 6 months, we'll do the Classic matress in white with it as a gift.
It is also possible to order flannel and fitted sheet, and bumpers in various colors.

We ask during the rental period a deposit for the rented items. This deposit is € 100,- regardless of which articles and which period is rented. Of course, this deposit is returned to you after a full and correct state receipt of the rented items. It is not possible to rent only a loose closing gate, wideningset, skyset or wheel set. This is always possible only in addition to the rental of a base frame.

Before the start of the rental we will send you a lease to which must be signed before the start of the rental. The minimum rental period we use is 1 calender month. Then you can always extend a week. The extension must be made known at least 7 days before the end of the reserved period (renewal is also easy via the online shop). This is due to current reservations. If you order at least 3 weeks before the start date, we guarantee you the rental for the chosen period.
You can choose to come pick-up  the co-sleeper, but for a small fee of € 25, - (adress in NL) the articles can also be delivered to you and brought back again to us. This choice can be entered separately when applying the rent.

If you have any questions about the rental, please contact us.
We are happy to explain it to you.

You can always ask us for a copy of the lease terms. However, you will always receive a copy when booking the rental. These terms and conditions are part of the rental agreement.

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