Teddy*B in the media

August 2007. Mentioned by Ingeborg Bosch .. what an honor! In her book she refers to our co-sleeper. Not only because our co-sleeper is mentioned, a great book to read.
"Educating parents is much heavier than expected. Ingeborg Bosch provides in this book a wealth of information, but also practical tools that help us in guiding children on their way to adulthood. And in a way that we do not only become more balanced, but especially can give (our) children a good start. Ingeborg Bosch (1960) is a psychologist and gained notoriety with the Past Reality Integration therapy® she has developed.


In early
November 2006 we made our start was received and praised. It turned to be a flying start! So nice to do and so much fun to receive all the great comments.

Jonge gezinnen Beurs Introduction of the babybay Original model. 

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