MAXI bed extension

MAXI bed extension MAXI bed extension
MAXI bed extension

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MAXI cot extension set

When there is a wide bedrail (wider than 9cm ) or to create simply a little more space in the bedside cribr, a extensionset can be ordered.This is an easy solution to solve the space a wide bedrail creates and you become a larger bedside crib. The corresponding mattress section is supplied as standard (foam with cotton cover) . The mattress part is 15 cm wide . The sides of the widening shelf are 18 cm high so that there is no empty hole created by the set. The hooks are taken over of the base frame and mounted on the extension set.
The possible closing rail remains placeable but remains close to the " fixed " part of the bas frame .
Is the widening no longer needed ? It is provided with a suspension system and can then be used as a beautiful book or toy shelf on the wall!

For frames
 with an extensionset we have extra wide jersey fitted bed sheets in the shop. This is pulled over the two mattress sections.

Dimensions of the extension set: length 94 cm , height 18 cm , depth 15 cm
Dimensions Mattress part: length 89 cm , width 15 cm , height 5 cm
Suitable for use on MAXI base frame
Finishing of this article : unpainted, oiled, varnished or painted ( child friendly)


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